Friday, 17 April 2009

persuasive speech eating healthy

Persuasive speech eating healthy

Why not the young people to eat healthy? They have not stopped, clothing, sport, work or on trips, why did not they eat more healthily? Is it because they are associated with fast food, and they do not know how a healthy diet? Perhaps that is because they are in many other activities that do not have the time to eat, have a meal. Whatever the exact reason May American young people have to eat healthy and it must happen. The document gives the reasons for American young people have to eat healthy, but first, he explains why the young people so unhealthy eating.

Few outside of the dieticians and nutritionists are aware of why these young people have poor nutrition habits. One of the reasons why young people are unhealthy eaters, we have to eat them when they are boring. Dining duties, the teenagers targeted and awake so that they do their homework quickly. Keep the mouth with the food is employed to prevent others to talk around them. People who love what they eat, most likely to eat. Because most adolescents nothing to do with the food, they do not eat vegetables or fruits. Instead, they eat snacks such as Doritos, fruit roll-up and popcorn while his duties.

If you eat healthy, your body stay healthy.

All young people do not eat when they are tired or need something fun to do. In fact, some young people eat rare. The youths of today are so concerned, as the air, if it is something wrong with her body. Part of the reason is that it pressures in today's society for the people of a certain amount. Anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders, in which the opinion that even the fats. People with eating disorders believe that the only way they have a "better" is if they do not ...

persuasive speech eating healthy